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Stock Photography from AnnGardnerPhotography.com

All photographs are copyright Ann Gardner/anngardnerphotography.com. All rights reserved. Images are priced according to intended use. Please e-mail us or call us at (512) 306-0737 for licensing information.
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Bent Pyramid - - ()
Great Pyramids At Sunrise - - ()
Felucca - - ()
Green Baskets Of Spices - - ()

  Bent Pyramid Stock Photography,  photo

  Great Pyramids At Sunrise Stock Photography,  photo

  Felucca Stock Photography,  photo

  Green Baskets Of Spices Stock Photography,  photo
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We can scan and transmit images or ship images or scans overnight via Federal Express or UPS using your account number. If you are not on a tight deadline, we can also ship slides via certified priority mail. To cover the costs of our time and equipment, we do charge an additional scanning and transmission fee for sending high resolution publication quality jpeg or tiff images. Scans are also available on zip disks at a similar cost.

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